Returning Home

After several years in the corporate world and a few more years recovering, I am returning earnestly to the art world.  I’m once again exhibited at Riverfront Art Gallery in downtown Petaluma.  But more important, we’ve built a small studio on our property where I can just step out the back door and immerse myself in the creative process.

My latest area of exploration is the use of wax to create images, or to bring together a collage, as in the image below.  The encaustic layer of wax on the collage of paper elements is called Secrets – Five Birds, because hidden in the picture are five birds…pretty simple, huh?  I also think that the embedded key holds messages only the viewer can see.  Can you see them?



The image below was painted with various waxes.  I melted and moved the waxes until it felt right.  I recognized a facsimile of the mountain and river landscapes I love so much, so I added the trees, rocks and grasses with oil paints.


Hope your holiday season is sweet with the joy and the presence of loved ones.  Blessings.

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