It’s a New Year

When all is chaos around you, focus on the beauty of the immediate, the brilliance of the present moment.  I think this will be my mantra for now.  Given the changes in our political environment, the human challenges of everyone around me, it feels like the sanest thing to do.

Had a fun time today meeting with my Art Around Town ladies, reminiscing about the early days of the Petaluma Arts Council.  It’s tempting to long for those days of our exciting beginnings when all of a sudden, artists came crawling out of the chicken coops and hills around Petaluma.  Things change, however, so let it go.  The lasting friendships are what’s really precious.

It was exciting to put up my next show at the Riverfront.  Here’s a sampling of what you’ll see there. Of course, they are much more beautiful in person, so please stop by anytime between now and March.

AND a flock of robins visited our backyard today.  I know it’s not a harbinger of Spring…maybe just a respite from the storm.robin

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