Summer again

Boy, does the time every fly! It’s already almost the middle of July! Just hung a new show at the Riverfront Art Gallery, Some of my favorite vacations. Reception is this Saturday, at 5 pm…Also have work at Pelican Art “Hope and Optimism” show, and at Plaza Arts in Healdsburg. Viva Chocolat has 12 pieces in their wonderful little chocolate shop down the street from the gallery. All in all, I have about 30 pieces hanging right now.

I’m in a wierd place with my painting again. I’m happy with what I’m doing…will post some updates tomorrow…but am vaguely dissatisfied with the landscape genre. Perhaps it’s all tied in with a desire to have more spirit in my life.

There is so much mediocre art out there…I don’t want to be just another mediocre artist. Have I really found my “voice?” Or am I just rendering what I see around me? Or is that my “voice?” Is there anything unique about what I’m doing at all?

As always, I am asking myself if my paintings are just nice decorations, or is there something else there. Sometimes I think “it” art has to be undecipherable to be legitimate. If you can’t understand what the artist is saying, it must be profound, right?

And then there’s art that IS just decoration…big flowers, big flower parts, I reallly mean really big…and this is exciting? Maybe it’s big, but what is it?

WASCO’s Aqua Areas Show is coming up…last year I sold one of my favorite ever paintings there…”Grace”. This year, I wonder if I have anything worthy to enter. Maybe I’m show fatigued. Maybe I’m “painting just for shows” fatigued.

Mid-September I will be featured artist at Riverfront Art Gallery…that means 12-14 “new” pieces…OH VEY! Gotta get painting. Pray for inspiration!

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