Life would not be complete without the constant challenge of change and transitions.  Sometimes I wish there were fewer, but nevertheless they continue unabated.  After exhibiting at the Riverfront Art Gallery for several years, I am choosing to take a break for the time being.  I need time to really build art making into my life and cutting back on external demands may help.

This year, especially, has been about transitions.  A year ago my mother, Marilyn Ford passed away on the day of the 2017 Solar Eclipse, and as it happened, the 22nd anniversary of my father’s death and one day before their wedding anniversary.   During the last six weeks of her life, she had the attention of each one of us.  Family was everything to her and having each one of us there  in our due time, was really important.   My brother and his wife who were with her when she transitioned swear that my Daddy was there to help her over.  I believe it.  When he died, his parents came to help him…while we move on without those who are still alive, I know we do not move on alone, but accompanied by those we love the most.

Then a month ago, one of my dearest friends began her transition to “the dance with Oneness,” as she termed it.  I have dedicated my latest show at the gallery to her.  We’ve been friends for more than 30 years.  She was one of the first people I met when I moved to Petaluma in 1985.  She taught me so much about healing, about relationships, about engaging with life in every way.  The painting on the left of my exhibit (see below) is a watercolor called, “Traveling Between Worlds”.  The watercolor on the right is called, “Welcome Home.”  In between are encaustic paintings that you can see on my Encaustics page on this website.

I don’t think you ever get over losing someone you love.  You just learn to live with the loss, and the mystery of where we move onto when we leave this earthly existence.  Thank you Mother for modeling how one remains loyal, lives a life of creativity, demonstrates love and persistence in the face of challenges.  Thank you Robin for teaching me about healing, giving live all you have, loyal friendship and devoted love.  May you both continue the dance with your Oneness.


Current Artist Statement dedicated to Robin Joseph

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