Coming Up

From May 1 through May 29, my watercolor paintings and oils will be featured at the Plumas County Arts Commission Gallery in downtown Quincy.  May 1 is their monthly Art Walk…locals enjoy the evening and visit all of the galleries in town.   The first two piece above will be in this show. They are some of the new paintings that I’ve completed for this show, as I want to feature the incredible scenes of Plumas County. 

There is also a new exhibit at Riverfront Art Gallery in downtown Petaluma.  I am saddened by the loss of my gallery partner, JoAnn Naylor, who passed away a few weeks ago.  We were all shocked and upset because she left very quickly.  Her work recently came down, so I have expanded to fill out our space until the next change-over.

My website is nearing completion. Katrina Small of is working on it for me.  These websites look easy, but they are not!  Takes HOURS of compiling, cross-checking and then sending to get them into place.  I’m working on the Naturlich website update, and it seems to drag on forever.  The issue is partly just not having big blocks of time to work on it…But is all gets done eventually!

In an earlier post, I showed a spray painted piece. “Ode to Georgia”, above is what it looked like finished. “Ghost Ranch II” and “Glory Be” are also from my sojourn into New Mexico in September.

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