Greetings to the online world!

Well, I’m bloggin’ and we’ll see how long I can keep it up.  (It’s an Awesome Dawning Day…below, which hangs at our store in Sebastopol, Hendricksen Naturlich Flooring)   I’m currently working on getting my art work website up.  A few of my old pictures are posted at  I’ll post my new paintings here as I move toward getting the new site up and running.  Hope you enjoy them!  Marilee

Awesome Dawning Day
Awesome Dawning Day


  1. Marilee, this is my second posting. The first got eaten in cyberspace becasue I did not follow orders by entering all the information. Still learning curves with this medium. Congratulations. This is beautiful and I am inspired by your work and now oils. Keep at it, as I am finding this to be a great medium for staying in touch with what is moving us creativitely. Now, with a flick of my computer, I can find you and see what you are up to. Your work is simply amazing and such a represents the beauty in our community. Thank you for your inspiration.


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